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Jenny Knutsson


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Margot d’Anjou dreams of wearing the white wig and arguing in court like her illustrious brother, the king’s chief prosecutor. The trouble is, no attorney weighty enough to tip the scales of justice will consider an apprentice who wears skirts. 


So when the opportunity to realize her dreams presents itself, Margot jumps. Her first task is to help defend a popular professor of magic, Ash Maradin, against accusations that he has performed an illegal conjuring. Such a serious crime could lead to the king’s justice—or worse—Blackhorn prison. Some say the allegations are all a political ruse, but Maradin has a checkered past. Professional boundaries notwithstanding, she finds herself drawn toward the enigmatic mage. But getting too close could put everything she has worked for in jeopardy. 


The more she becomes entangled in the world of dangerous politics, magi, and rival kings, the more Margot becomes invested in Maradin's defense. 

The problem is that he looks guilty.




Jenny Knutsson grew up in San Diego, went to college in the redwoods, walked the Camino de Santiago across Spain, spent a summer fighting for the wolves in Santa Fe, and attended Stanford Law School in the Silicon Valley. She has since returned to the palm trees and sagebrush of her youth and works as an in-house attorney for a high-tech communications company.

Jenny is a long distance runner and is currently training for her first  

ultramarathon: a 93-mile circumnavigation of Mt. Rainier.


She has two young sons who are growing up far too fast, is a proud T1D Mom, owns way too many jackets for one who lives in year-round warm weather, and loves throwing theme dinner parties. Married to a Swede, she has developed a taste for pickled herring, wears a pointy hat and bib while gobbling crayfish, and celebrates the holidays by belting out snaps songs. Skål!



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